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If you’re an entrepreneur, you know how valuable your time is. With that being the case, you may not have the ability to read the best business books and articles that would help you further your business and reach your goals. Luckily, the age of the podcast is upon us.

Whether you’re sitting in traffic, riding the train, or flying to a meeting, you can tune into some incredibly informative content with the push of a button. The following podcasts offer helpful insight, compelling stories of success, and valuable recommendations for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

Entrepreneur on Fire

If you enjoy stories, transparency, and honesty, this is the podcast for you. Entrepreneur on Fire was created by John Lee Dumas in 2012. Dumas regularly invites successful entrepreneurs onto the show to share their stories. Through their narratives, the hosts hope to give aspiring entrepreneurs a tool belt to help them emulate the successes of others and stray from mistakes they’ve made.

Eventual Millionaire

The name says it all, right? This podcast utilizes interviews that act as case studies showing the choices and decisions that led an entrepreneur to their eventual success. Each episode features a different individual who shares their trials and triumphs. What makes this podcast great though is the amount of resources guests of the show offer the audience. Entrepreneurship, while a growing industry, is still very murky to get into. The more information you know, the better.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The name Tim Ferriss has almost become synonymous with entrepreneurship at this point. Ferriss is an entrepreneur, author, angel investor, and yes, a podcaster. His five books have been featured multiple bestseller lists and are known for their serious yet simultaneously humorous approach to business. His podcast is a hit among entrepreneurs and business professionals alike and is the #1 ranking business podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Beyond the To-Do List

If you prefer a serious approach to your podcasts, Beyond the To-Do is a great choice for you. Beyond focuses mostly on strategy and the 5 W’s of business: who, what, when, where, and why. Prioritizing productivity and practicality, these episodes feature individuals who have made a name for themselves in their respective industries as those who get things done. Even more convenient is that each individual episode only covers one topic, so that you can skip around and listen to the ones that most pertain to you.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor, draining your time, focus, and availability. However, podcasts allow you to tune into content that will help you grow, while also providing you with a community of fellow listeners, most of whom are entrepreneurs.