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India’s unlock phase has been a heady mix of rules, regulations, and nostalgia. The country is taking a forward step to resume with the “new normal” and to re-boost the economy. With the shadow of the Coronavirus, it is adopting new ways to restore their lives to normalcy. The Government promotes “the self-reliant” India that is AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT to take the advanced step and boost its economy. The first phase of unlocking started from June 8 with promises to reassure that India will surely adapt for bouncing back to new opportunities and businesses, states Moksh Popli. 


The country is turning in the direction to generate opportunities from this pandemic. The government urges the public to produce every product in India and export them to other countries. The tough times have made people understand the value of savings and local products. Moksh is inspiring people to establish startups and re-create their products innovatively within the available resources.


To support the ailing economy, every sector is looking forward to standing unitedly and bear the losses in the past few months. Moksh Popli, stresses to invest and induce the savings for the nation, in the nation. He says that India is looking at the positive outcomes of the resources that are built-in India. To increase the GDP, many fiscal and monitory policies have been announced and implemented on an immediate basis by the central government. These measures are expected to bring adequate results. To improve consumption and work with limited resources, we must encourage more public and private investments through better liquidity.


The government is preparing to promote coal, agriculture, tea plantation, and export them worldwide. With these plans, India is all set to bounce back with better policies and in-built technologies. IT techie and financial advisor, Moksh Popli advises the people to build innovative apps and use the technology to fight the battle of pandemic and come out as a successive nation.


Additionally, India is aiming to explore the possible options to generate more resources for the stakeholders, identifying the issues to solve the liquidity crisis, and create productive assets for the economy. To cover up the losses of a specific sector, the government is taking measures like releasing relief packages for everyone in need. He supports the prime minister in GO VOCAL FOR LOCAL and believes that it will improve the level of opportunities and reduce poverty.


In the coming times, we are going to experience more unlock phases. That requires more protection, safety and support from the public. These changes should be added and accepted as the new normal as lockdown cannot be imposed for life long. Building better jobs, helping people, and building a strong base for the country is the need of the hour, states Moksh Popli. United we stand, commendable will be the outcome.