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The outbreak of Coronavirus is a major setback for every business, salaried individual, and homemaker. The experts believe like any other crisis, it may cause opportunities in different sectors. COVID-19 is a deadly disease that brought a wave of destruction, panic, and casualties around the world. In India, the total number of active cases is around 26,000 and the death toll to reach 7000. The frequency of recovered cases is 22.01% it is considered a good sign, says Moksh Popli.

Being an enthusiastic business consultant, he is of the view that the consulting business is immensely affected by this global pandemic. The financial downturn due to the pandemic is hitting brutally, and it seems that the profits and resources will be deeply influenced. Like every ordinary business, it is also getting aimless about the circumstances, its employees, customers, and wages. The situations are going directionless with every passing day. And these stipulations demand consultants, but according to the last financial crisis that occurred in 2008, things seem pretty unsettled. Indeed, it took years to recover from that phase, and this time, it is more rigorous and abridged, says Moksh Popli.

Nowadays, the clients are delaying projects instead of cancelling them entirely, it is an optimistic sign for business consultants. It can be understood as a positive expression. It means things are expected to be back on the track in a few months. Undoubtedly, this outlook annexes a concrete hypothesis to the present situation. As per the studies, Coronavirus will weaken and things will get better soon like Wuhan city. It was the epicentre where everything was out of control, and today, it moderately recovered.

In the words of Moksh Popli, as per the noted studies based on previous outbreaks and emergencies, markets appeared to bounce, nevertheless, these developments were passing or assumed. But when it happens, it is considered a rare event on the thresholds that are eager to take an economic plunge. He says it is good to strengthen the expected rebounds for the consultants. It is a fact that digitization is a trend that is staying forever. In today’s world, no organization can overlook the industrialization and enactment of technology. It is the key for any business to withstand in a world post Coronavirus.

At the same place, the deadly Corona pandemic is bringing possibilities to accomplish, repair, and shuffle the cost-cutting programs; it is something that is consulting firms are skilled at. The e-commerce sector dealing with food and essentials is also receiving a potential boost in the supply chain aspects. The related clients are asking the consultants to review, examine, and reorganize the plans to make the best out of it.

And eventually, the best part in this situation is the role of companies. They are still questioning how to deal with these situations and overcome the consequences? Precisely, it is creating huge demands of business consultants. Without any delays, staying safe at home and work from home is not stopping them to serve the clients. In this segment, video conferencing, advanced applications and enthusiastic collaborations are pulling the strings. Putting things in a nutshell, Moksh Popli says that this pandemic will make everyone learn to survive and amalgamate.