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Covid-19 is hazardous, yes but what’s even more hazardous? Reading about it in the very beginning of all the article we click on.

Until now we all are well aware of 3 facts:

  1. Masks are the New Normal.
  2. Staying away from people is the new way to show care.
  3. 50%-60% Jobs can be done from homes.

Covid-19 pandemic took down the entire globe but there are several industries economically pretty untouched by the virus.  Such Industries include the health Care industry, the Education industry, the agricultural industry, and some more.

While we all know that 2020 has been hell of a rollercoaster, except that it’s only going down, there are some things that you are not aware off and that might as well shock you.

Recently, Mr. Moksh Popli, Business Consultant and entrepreneur, drew some attention towards the startups and how this pandemic has shockingly helped them grow.

  • Market Shift

According to Mr. Moksh Popli, there was a need for market shift from offline to online in India even before covid-19 happened. For startups, this has proved to be a very good opportunity to explore and make this shift as the situation demanded.

  • Profits

Startups have not yet witnessed any huge financial losses. Due to the pandemic, they had to unwillingly let go off workers, salaries were reduced to half, and yet the revenues were generated online.

  • Finance

Mr. Moksh Popli believes that most of the starts up layoffs were only blamed on the pandemic where as the real reason was cost cutting for the future. Many startups anyways didn’t have a sound business model to function chronically and would die in the future without this unintentional opportunity.

  • Innovation

Not all startups are riding the rail Upwards on this 2020 rollercoaster but everyone is giving in their best to improve and innovate during the tough times. These new ways and methods by startups to, if not increase then at least ensure sales, are not just making sales but creating public relations that will prove to be promising post pandemic.

  • Conceptual Gains

Firms like Zomato, Big Basket, groofers and others were victims to the publics’ paranoia but not anymore. Mr. Moksh Popli states that as the time is passing by people are more and more adjusting to the ‘New Normal’. Such companies are gaining more than usual due to their business concept and core services.