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Moksh Popli

Business Consultant

“I believe that researching a concept carefully, applying projections and verifying accuracy are crucial steps to identifying the viability of an idea. Once an idea has been established as viable, I take action to make it happen.”

Moksh Popli is a dedicated entrepreneur based in New York. With over a decade of experience in various industries, Moksh Popli empowers others to create channels of fiscal opportunities for their businesses.

After several years working at notable financial firms across the United States, Moksh Popli found that he was no longer feeling challenged. With an urge to help businesses grow and expand, Moksh decided to start his own business.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Popli works hard to make sure his clients know they are important and that their projects are his priority. Whether it is honing a proposal or developing plans, Moksh is committed to helping businesses create channels of fiscal opportunity.

Moksh Popli helps companies attract investors, secure funding, and push projects forward toward success. His unique skills and connections are used to empower the companies he works with and leveraged to create individual successes. He thrives every day knowing he is helping others embrace their dreams.

When Moksh isn’t working, he is spending time with his wife of 3 years. Though Moksh is most passionate about his career, his number one priority is always his family. For Moksh, being able to take the time to fully recharge his joy and happiness with his family, makes him more focused and effective for his clients.

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