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More than four billion people worldwide were in some form of lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. In India, the lockdown was imposed for a lengthy time and now it’s the unlock 1.0 phase. The businesses are opening and people are going back to their workplace. At this point, Moksh Popli has come up with a few guidelines to support businesses on how to get back on track post lockdowns. Depending on the nature of your business, some things may be more applicable to you than others. Here is a brief list:

  • Installing the security screen in the reception area can help in monitoring things easily.
  • Make sure everyone understands that it is okay to stay indoors if they are sick.
  • A rule of 1.5 meters or 6 feet distance is maintained with the arrival of workers on alternate days should be carefully practiced.
  • If possible, identify those who can work from home and only those who should come on alternate days.
  • Just be kind to your employees, as you will be kind to your customers.
  • Keep it in a soft protocol for common places like the coffee place, printer toilet, prayer area, etc.
  • Pay full attention to your field staff and guide them to follow the rules carefully.

Communicate transparently with your customers

Everyone is facing this crisis simultaneously, so be transparent about what your business is doing. As the Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that is done behind the scenes to serve them, they are less appreciative of the service and then they value the service less." Moksh Popli remarks, that explain the steps you are taking to reduce the risk and inform the customer that you are taking adequate measures to help the community.

The best strategy is to shift your sales to the online market

Every business is forced to face the reality of Coronavirus shutdowns. Whereas, most of the companies across the world have drawn up a plan to end the storm. In China, USA, and European countries where the storefronts were closed and workers stayed in place, the smart business owners changed their sales strategies to avoid heavy losses.

Like a international cosmetics company closed 40% of its stores – but the brand’s 100+ beauty consultants took to digital platforms to virtually engage customers and increase online sales. As a result, the sales were increased upto 200% compared to previous records.

Lets plan for the long term

Although the USA and other economies are already beginning to recover, the spread of Coronavirus is still occurring worldwide, creating a ripple effect that will affect us for some time says Moksh Popli. As reported in Small Bridge Trends, 27% of businesses expect moderate to high impact on their revenue from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Indian economy is picking up the pace as industries are getting to restart their operations.

No doubt, the potential entrepreneur and business experts believes that there is a hope of revival in every field. That means big strategies are required in a systematic manner and looking to the bright side and we have to be AATMANIRBHAR.